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7 ways to take a boring subject and make it look epic!

I’m going to quickly show you 7 ways how you can take a rather boring subject and make it look epic! I will show you that you don’t need to spend lots of money, have the latest gear or a beautiful subject to get some amazing shots.

The main reason why I have this blog is because I love photography, but one other thing that I love to try and do is make it as accessible as I can. I don’t have the best equipment, I don’t have the most expensive subjects - I like to take everyday objects and show you different ways to capture them!

For this week’s blog, I took a little Bart Simpson figure that I got from Burger King when I was probably 5 or 6 and experimented with different photography techniques and props to see what shots I could get. Gear wise, all you need for most of these shots is a camera; be it a point and shoot, a DSLR or even a phone – so listen up and give it a go (I will give more info in regards to what I used in each description!).

Bart has never looked so good!

First up – it just had to be…... black out. I appreciate that I said all you need for these shots is a camera, but to achieve this one you will need an external flash (I am sorry), but flashes are a great little bit of gear to have in your bag, and I strongly recommend getting one! I just couldn’t not include this style, if you want to know more about how to achieve this style, read my blog all about it!

For the one on the left I used the trusty 45º technique (see below), and through experimenting with flash position and holding it directly above Bart, I got the one on the right, a little unorthodox, but I like it!

If you're yet to witness my insane diagram-making skills, please observe the 45º technique.

Go macro! I know what you’re thinking, I DON’T HAVE A MACRO LENS – HOW IS THIS ACCESSIBLE! There are a few ways to get around not having a macro lens, 1) Just skip this technique! 2) Use a magnifying glass – a great little cheat to get macro shots or 3) A lot of mobile phones now have a macro or “up close” feature, if yours does, give it a go! In my opinion, you just can’t beat a macro shot, it adds an invaluable technique to your photography arsenal and again if you don’t have one, I would suggest looking into getting one!

There's not a great deal to put here apart from I'm sorry for how you've been treated over the years Bart. It looks like he came from the daycare - Sunny side? in Toy Story 3.

Unleash the Bokeh!! In case you’re not familiar with what bokeh is, it is when you get beautiful shapes in the background of your shot, all silky smooth and out of focus, often caused by lights in the distance. For my bokeh, I didn’t use lights, I used kitchen foil! Tear off some foil, scrunch it up, unravel it, place it behind your subject and fire away! It can help to shine some light on the foil to help get yourself some bokeh – try a desk lamp!


Take it outside! Take your subject outside and make them look EPIC! What better season to try it than Autumn, get some beautiful colours involved by using fallen leaves, you can even hold a leaf in front of your lens to get a bit of lens flare like I have done below!

The yellow flares come from holding a leaf in front of the lens - no fancy editing tricks! The last one was taken through a hole in a leaf!

Take the plunge! There are various things you can use to do this technique, it all depends on the size of your subject - it just needs to be see through, and filled with water - I used an old fish tank! Set your camera up, throw your subject into the water and fire away, see what amazing images you can capture!

I think I might do a whole blog on this technique - what do you think?

Fire, Fire! Get your subject framed up nicely, and light a match or matches in front of them and shoot away. Try underexposing your shot like I did to get darker tones!

Again, I am sorry for how you have been treated!

Light 'em up! If you have one, you might want to use an ND filter or if you don’t – turn the lights off! You will need this extra darkness to allow you to get a longer shutter speed. To get this type of shot, you will need a torch (I used my phone) and move it around your subject when your shutter is open! If you move your hands quickly enough, they won’t show up in your image!

I might do a blog on this technique too!

A very quick overview of 7 different ways to make a boring subject not so boring! If you give any of these techniques a go, I would love to see! - @samkitephoto on instagram!

Please note, during the making of this blog, one Bart Simpson was most definitely subjected to mistreatment.

Thanks for reading,


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