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Life update; Bristol, Jobs and a new Instagram?!

I realise that I haven’t really given much of an update on my life and career progression for a long time, so with all that’s going on, and with being on lockdown, I thought to try and pull the positives I can focus on my blogs a lot more. What better way to start than to give an update of where I am at.

Last month I finally made the big move to Bristol, a move that has been in the pipeline for a long time, and after months of searching and failed applications I finally found a short term let in Redland, an ideal location.

The day after I arrived I had a meeting with the managing director of a Natural History production company here in Bristol and within a week I had started two and a half weeks job training as a Researcher. It was brilliant experience and as promising as this all sounds, this is where I currently am at the moment, unemployed trying to earn bits of money where I can here and there. My plan was to work part time as soon as I had finished these two and a half weeks but with the current situation part time jobs are like gold dust.

So at present I’m sat at home wondering how to spend my time besides learning circus skills (yes, circus skills, no, I'm not a clown). My focus is going towards reading (including British wildlife I.D books), blogging, photography and other aspects of filmmaking. So here it is, my first blog of the lockdown.

This got me thinking about my previous blogs, mainly my most recent blog on fine art photography – shameless plug incoming….

When I share this style of shots on my instagram they never tend to do very well, but I am always in the mind set that likes and followers on Instagram are irrelevant, they’re just numbers, numbers based on an algorithm often with no link to the quality of photo or photographer. I decided to make a new Instagram, just for myself really, somewhere that I can concentrate more on my fine art/black and white photography - if you would like to follow this journey and see my progress you can follow me on @blackandwhite_kite . I am keeping my original one don't worry! (I know you probably weren't worried).

Just a short one today, I’ll be back soon with a new blog (one is in the making),

Thanks for reading,


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