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Why you need a notepad!

Updated: May 14, 2019

I was getting ready for bed when all of a sudden I was slapped with an epiphany, I rushed through to my bedroom, grabbed my new, not-so-flashy notepad that had sat collecting dust for a few days and got it written down. After I had unloaded my epiphany into my notepad (my first short video idea which I am extremely excited about) I started to think about some blogs I could write. I was a little bit like a rabbit in the headlights or a bit like when you get the AUX cord and you suddenly forget every song you ever knew. Then I thought what better blog to write than why I got this notepad and why I think every creator should get one too.  

Firstly, just like I did, it’s common to have these creative ideas at the most random times, so having a book where you can write it all down immediately is vital, sometimes I’ve had an idea, be it at work or in bed, and then consequently forgotten it having not written it down, heart-breaking to say the least. Granted, you won’t want to take your notepad everywhere, your boss may not be impressed if you bring it in to work, but get it written down on anything you can when you have the idea, be it on a receipt, a scrap piece of paper or even your hand, get it written down. Getting it written down is step number one, but getting it into your notepad is vital, having everything in one place will increase productivity dramatically. 

My notebook in all of its glory

I’m a strong believer that if you can visualise something, it will become a lot easier to achieve, be it a story board or a shot list for a short film or a spider diagram for a blog, if it’s written down, you’re a step closer to achieving it. 

Something I also consider incredibly important, which I also think will increase your productivity is to keep your notepad to purely creative ideas. Keep everything else separate, be it your finances or your shopping list, keep it out. This will help this notebook to become a creative outlet, free from other stresses of life. 

Finally, keep it safe, keep it in the same place so in the times of creative brilliance, you can get it written down quickly before it manages to escape your head whilst you stress over where you last left it. 

I got my notepad in a bid to become more productive. Hopefully it works!

Thanks for reading,


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