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Comparing new with old.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

It helped me to realise that my photography skills have improved drastically since I first started, a well needed boost in self-confidence.

I was clearing out an old hard drive, when I started to realise how dreadful some of my old photos were. These photos were from 2015/2016 soon after I got my first DSLR – my Canon 700d, an excellent camera that will always have a special place in my heart. The camera that got me my first paid job, the camera that made me feel like a pro (feel being the key word) and the camera that made me realise photography and filmmaking are what I love and what I need to do.

My first example - squirrel monkey - 2016 vs 2019.. This blog is less about the edits, more composition and general photography skills (I will touch on edits in a later blog). The photo on the left - shooting down on the animal, man made materials in the background and head in the middle of the shot vs the contrary in the right hand image.

Understandably these photos were not the greatest as I had only just got my camera. But looking back and comparing them to my photos now makes me realise how far my skills have come.

Red Squirrel - 2015 vs 2019. Like above, composition all wrong (and I mean the left isn't even in focus!), shooting down again, too much distraction in the frame and no buttery smooth background.

I like to compare photography to that one relative at family events that would always hit you with that “oh haven’t you grown!”, which was usually met with some teenage shrug or grunt, anyway... this isn’t my point. The point is that differences are harder to notice if you’re seeing them every day. You look at yourself every day, so you don’t really notice yourself having grown. Just in the same way that you see every photo you take, so don’t really notice your skills improving. This is why it is so important to look at old photos you have taken and compare them to photos now, photos separated by a substantial period of time.

Grey Squirrel - 2017 vs 2019. Yet again, shooting down (why did I have this obsession?! or maybe I just didn't want to get dirty!), no blurry background, no real connection with the subject and poor lighting, if I had moved a little left, the light would have struck his face nicely.

Ring tailed lemur 2016 vs 2019. Do I even need to say?! Shooting down, not in focus, awful shutter speed choice, poor composition.

Just a short blog this time, I had a lot of fun sieving through my old hard drives, I hope you do the same. Send me some of your favourite comparisons on Instagram - @samkitephoto.

Thanks for reading,


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